Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Kirkpatrick Quick Tip Vol. 2: #4

We are avid fans of Level 3, and often call it the most important level.

It is still critically important to keep focus on Level 4 Results, however. Listen to this eight-minute quick tip to find out the reasons why.

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# Dave in Calgary
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 6:30 PM
Wendy and Jim,
First, your Quicktip Podcasts are great, and I look forward to listening to them.

I agree with the premise of the Quicktip "Is Level 3 Enough", but question the example that you have used. The value of looking to Level 4: Results, and measuring the leading indicators and the desired outcomes goes without question.

In the countertop example you used the behaviour indicator 'wipe', while you later explained that you really wanted the counter 'cleaned'. So the Desired Outcome was actually 'clean' the counter, rather than 'wipe' the counter.

Following the work of Magar, Gagne and Brigg's, and Saettler, it is critical that the description of the outcome be stated clearly and that the terminal behaviours be stated in terms of observable and measurable behaviours. So going back to the example used in the recording, the objective of the activity being measured was not as clear as it could have been. While all would demonstrate related activities, the verbs tidy, dust, wipe, clean, scrub, sanitize, sterilize, all could be used in the statement "... the counter." However the leading indicators (enabling objectives) and desired outcome (terminal objective) based upon the specific verb would all have different activities being carried out and a range of outcomes.

Specifying the desired outcome clearly, in measurable terms, is critical to any training or development program. Measuring to Level 4 to determine the results is important to determine if the objectives of the program have been achieved and if any adjustments are required. But those measurements at Level 4 must be made to a clearly stated desired outcome.

I remember a presentation by Don years ago that began with the statement that "The End is the Beginning." In it he stressed the importance of determining your desired outcome, and ensuring that it was stated clearly and in measurable terms. For any program that is critical.

# Janet Saunders
Thursday, January 26, 2012 9:13 AM
I cannot access the quick tip in this format. Is it possible to post a transcript please?
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