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Entries for July 2014

Sitting down to the Sunday, July 13, 2014 edition of the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionWhistlemy attention was immediately drawn to the glaring front-page headline, “VA Whistleblowers Make Bold Push for Change,” along with the names and pictures of the people boldly standing up for truth in opposition to “mismanagement and waste.”

While the article focused on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), this should be a huge wake-up call for all of us.
The recent whistleblowing trend reinforces the fact that mismanagement and waste, whether deliberate or accidental, within or outside of the government, will eventually be discovered. The critical questions are, “Who is going to find it?” and “What will they do with what they find?”
Read on to learn how to avoid negative press and keep your organization off of the front page of the newspaper.

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Did you miss our webinar on July 24 entitled Harnessing the Full Power of the Kirkpatrick Four Levels®?

Click here to view the recorded webinar. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Visit our product page for the Kirkpatrick® New World Edition of Metrics that Matter® to learn more about this automated, end-to-end performance management system.

If you have any questions, or if you're ready to implement this powerful system in your organization, please contact us

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Many training professionals pride themselves on conducting exciting Greece 2training programs that engage learners and result in positive post-program evaluation feedback.

These same professionals are often shocked to learn that the organization's stakeholders place little value on their training efforts.

What causes this disconnect? If you've found yourself in this situation, read on to learn what you can do.

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From reorganizing training programs and delivering electronic evaluations, Jaredto using all four levels to ensure the success of a major software update, Jared Allen and his team have been hard at work implementing the knowledge gained from the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level.

Jared recently updated us on his progress, sharing four ideas that could benefit your training and evaluation efforts in your own organization.

Read on to learn about these ideas and start considering how you can use them.

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Tom had spearheaded the leadership development initiative for the pastReport three years. As he put the finishing touches on the 100-page final report that undeniably showed the value it had brought to the organization, he was excited to share it with senior management.

He printed copies and had them bound for the ease of managers and executives, and even took the extra step to hand-deliver them to each stakeholder. If they were out of the office, he made sure that the report was on top of their in-box.

Guess what happened next?

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Wendy was once approached by a sales manager who seemed to know exactly what kind of training her salespeople needed. This is how the conversation beg...

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