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Jim Kirkpatrick traveled to Great Britain back in February to teach a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program – Bronze Level with Strategic Leaders.

Participants are putting in a tremendous amount of work to achieve certification and bring the four levels into their departments.

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Are you being asked to create or deliver training that "works," meaning it provides measurable performance improvement and enhances organizational results? 

You are not alone. 

Ironically, evaluating training value is often an afterthought, considered only after training is complete. 

Listen to the recording of our newest webinar, "First Things First: Getting Started with Kirkpatrick® Training Evaluation." Learn directly from Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, how to start any training program right, so that value is built in and can be demonstrated effectively when it is complete. Even if you inherit existing training programs, you will find out how to incorporate small tactics that will make a big difference in creating training value. 

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What tactics are you going to incorporate to create training value? Here are some ways to join the discussion:

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Our affiliate in India, C2C, conducted a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level at the end of February. 

Click here to view photos from the program. 

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Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick have two cats, Dena and Atilla. Many times, they watch their cats and see similarities to the challenges that people have with training evaluation.

This new series follows their cats, and photos of them in sticky situations, mirroring many situations in which training professionals find themselves. 

A number of years ago, Jim Kirkpatrick visited the Google headquarters in California. As one would expect from such a visionary organization, Jim enjoyed learning from them as much as they learned from him.

The unique Google culture relies heavily on peer-to-peer support and accountability. Employees share goals with each other, use the counsel of their peers to determine what training courses to take, and actively hold each other accountable for team-based performance goals. They even share their individual performance scorecards publicly to create a bit of healthy competition. In this type of environment, trainers can turn to the peers of training graduates to provide some of the post-training monitoring that is so critical to success.

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Back in February, Emirates Airlines honored their employees who have achieved Kirkpatrick silver certification.

To earn this recognition, participants must have attended both a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program Bronze and Silver Level class, and have presented their evaluation plans. These participants are positioned and committed to analyzing evaluation data to make educated decisions during program implementation, identifying program success factors and results, and creating a compelling report and presentation of ultimate program value for stakeholders.

Click here to view photos from their pinning ceremony

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How do you connect training and evaluation to improved on-the-job performance and results?

Jim was working with a client a few years back that had won a number of industry awards for their training programs. One of their showcase programs was their new hire onboarding program. They were especially pleased with their Level 1 survey results. "We consistently average 4.8 on a 5-point scale! To be honest, we don't think we need to consider any changes to that program," they said.

Jim suggested that they add one question to their evaluation form: "I know what is expected of me as a result of attending this training."

They added the question, and to their dismay, most participants responded that they disagreed or strongly disagreed. After participating in a week of comprehensive training, few graduates had any idea what they were supposed to do with what they had learned when they started work the following Monday. 

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Jim Kirkpatrick traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier this month to teach both a Kirkpatrick® Strategic Evaluation Planning Certificate program and a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level at Almarai.

Click here to see photos from these programs and some of Jim's travel adventures.

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During the ATD International Conference and Expo 2016, Dr. Jay Brimstin presented a case study on how the Maneuver Center of Execellence (MCoE) conducted an evaluation of one of their training courses using the Kirkpatrick Model

The course that was evaluated was the Dismounted CIED Tactics Master Trainer course. Dr. Brimstin, the Deputy Director of the MCoE Directorate of Training and Doctrine, and Ms. Annie Hester, the Program Evaluation Office lead during the evaluation, described an evaluation effort in which they were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training course in improving units' operational effectiveness while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan.

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