Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Jim Kirkpatrick traveled to Dubai earlier this month to consult with the Dubai Police Academy, with the help of our affiliate Learnactive. Jim talked about the importance of good practices in training evaluation.

Click here to view photos from Jim's travels and his day with the Dubai Police Academy.

The Dubai Police Academy also released this press release

"The General Department of Training in Dubai Police signed an MOU agreement with Kirkpatrick Partners about the Training Effectiveness Evaluation. The MOU was signed by Major Ahmad Bin Dalmook, the General Manager of the General Department of Training in Dubai Police and Dr. James Kirkpatrick from Kirkpatrick Partners. 

Major Ahmad Bin Dalmook highlighted the importance of the partnership with Kirkpatrick Partners to improve the performance levels of the training function and the outcomes of the learning process. 

Colonel Badran Al Shamsi, the Deputy General Director of the General Department of Training said that training in Dubai Police plays an important role in the overall improvement of the performance of Dubai Police and meeting the needs of its future skills. 

Coloner Badran Al Shamsi stressed on the important role of training evaluation to improve the quality of training and trainer's performance. He also mentioned that Dubai Police is looking to establish a hug of Learning and Development expertise to enable knowledge transfer. 

Dr. James Kirkpatrick conducted a workshop to Dubai Police employees where he shared the best practices in training evaluation."

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Join Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, along with Donald Murphy, for their new webinar on March 2. 

Are you being asked to create or deliver training that "works," meaning it provides measurable performance improvement and enhances organizational results? You are not alone. Ironically, evaluating training value is often an afterthought, considered only after training is complete. 

Learn directly from Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, how to start any training program right, so that value is built in and can be demonstrated effectively when it is complete. Even if you inherit existing training programs, you will find out how to incorporate small tactics that will make a big difference in creating training value. 

Guest presenter Donald Murphy, an attorney with the State of Indiana, will share how he has used these ideas to train public defenders to prepare for and succeed in their cases. 

By participating in this program, you will discover how to:

      • Increase on-the-job application of what is taught
      • Maximize results from your training programs
      • Implement a Blended Evaluation Plan to gather complete program data

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Have you checked out our Resources Library recently? We have added a number of new resources, which include:

1. 5 Questions with Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick (Focus Magazine article)
2. Blended Evaluation Plan™ form samples
3. Evaluation Blunders and Missteps to Avoid (TD Magazine article)
4. Top Training Mistakes: Are You Making Them? webinar
5. How Do I Get Started With Evaluation? video

Not sure where to begin to find these resources? We've updated our Resources Library guide to help you out. 

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Additional Resources

Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation

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InnoTraining, our affiliate in South Korea, is becoming a Bright Light for Kirkpatrick training evaluation. 

On January 12-16, 2017, Jim Kirkpatrick and Je Pil Jeon taught a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Seoul, South Korea. 

The participants in this program made great strides when learning about how to implement the four levels in their organization, and we are excited to see the progress they will make . 

Click here to view photos from this program and Jim's adventures in Seoul.

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Have you implemented a new evaluation plan?

How is it going? Have you come away with any highlights or insights into the process?

Share your experiences, and read the experiences of other training professionals, in this Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group post in LinkedIn.

We're also curious to know -- What is one enhancement you will make this year to your training evaluation approach? Click here to share your answer.

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Have you seen the photos on our Facebook page?

Check out our Facebook page to view photos from past programs and conference appearances. 

Click here to access the photos

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To help you get your year started right, we are happy to provide two free Kirkpatrick videos for your use. Here are some of the ways we think they may be helpful to you:

      • During a training team meeting, to open up a conversation about your overall departmental vision and role
      • As part of a train-the-trainer program
      • To educate new training professionals in the basics of training evaluation

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Our affiliate Mindset facilitated a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level near the end of December.

Click here to see photos of participants having fun while earning their certification.

Interested in earning your certification? Click here to view our upcoming bronze certification schedule.

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