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Last week, we discussed how taking an honest look at yourself can help you to avoid becoming an avatar. Click here if you missed it.
Question 2
This idea of avatarism has everything to do with Kirkpatrick evaluation. Avatars take exchanges at face value and never go beyond the safe script when interacting with others, which negatively impacts training and evaluation efforts. 

Avatar trainers never bother to investigate the deeper meaning behind a statement, question or nonverbal cue. To be successful, training professionals must learn to recognize opportunities for deeper human interaction.

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Each year, the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD) hosts the Don Kirkpatrick scholarship competition in conjunction with Kirkpatrick Partners.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide members of the local ATD-VOS community the opportunity to enhance their effectiveness and business impact by learning and applying the Kirkpatrick Model for evaluating training programs.

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On June 19th, Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick presented Part 1 of the webinar Using Kirkpatrick® to Move Beyond Training Order-Taking, during which they...

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Our new affiliate in France, Formaeva, hosted an in-house bronze level certification program on Sept. 23-24 for Opcalia Pays de Loire.

Click here to see photos from the program.

Are you interested in hosting an in-house Kirkpatrick bronze level certification program in your organization? Contact us to discuss your options.


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Our Chinese affiliate, OnDemand Consulting, hosted a bronze level certification program on Sept. 12-13 in Shanghai.

Click here to see photos from the program.

Are you interested in earning your Kirkpatrick bronze level certification, too? Click here to see our upcoming program offerings.


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Last week, we shared some pertinent tips from Dr. Matthew Champagne for creating surveys that generate meaningful feedback. Click here if you missed his guest blog post.

This week, Dr. Champagne shares a special offer with members of the Kirkpatrick Community.

Get Your Free Copy of The Survey Playbook
by Dr. Matt Champagne

Survey Playbook

Do you create or administer surveys or evaluation forms for instructors, customers, students, members or employees? 

Are you responsible for interpreting and acting on the results of these surveys?

Are you like me - someone who is frustrated with evaluation forms and surveys that are poorly constructed and not worth my time?


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On September 4-5, Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Linda Hawk traveled to Texas to facilitate a bronze certification program with the USCIS, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Click here to see photos from the program.

Are you interested in earning your Kirkpatrick bronze level certification, too? Click here to see our upcoming program offerings.


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The What, Where, How, Why and When of Gathering Actionable Feedback
by Matt Champagne

Note: The Kirkpatricks became aware of Matt's work with the introduction of his book, The Survey Playbook. They found the adviceto be effective as well as practical to apply, serving as good real-worldadvice for surveys that get the information you need.

One of the most frequent frustrations I hear from instructors is that the comments students provide on the evaluation forms are vague, irrelevant and too few in number. This lack of meaningful feedback prevents the instructor from learning what went well and from making necessary changes. Too often, this happens because of open-ended comment boxes on the evaluation form that look like this:

Write your comments in the box below:

This is the questionnaire equivalent of strangers passing on a path. One says, “How you doin’?” and the other responds, “Good.” Neither party expects anything substantive to be said. We should likewise expect almost no meaningful information to be exchanged when respondents are prompted in this manner. Here are five ways to improve your open-ended comment prompts in order to gather actionable feedback and dramatically increase the number of responses.

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Thank You for Remembering Don
August 25, 2014

Thank you to all of those in the training industry who remembered and honored Don Kirkpatrick through touching articles and blog posts.

We have compiled a list of some of the many tributes that were published about Don, and we invite you to read through them by clicking here.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick
June 5, 2014

It is with much sadness but also great joy for his rich, full life that we announce that Don Kirkpatrick passed away on May 9th, at the age of 90. 
Don Kirkpatrick
Click here to read his obituary, as well as to revisit a humble reflection that Don wrote about his legacy, see our favorite photos of Don over the years, and read a goodbye letter from Jim to Don.
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Instead of training ROI, we focus on training return on expectations (ROE). This is a more holistic measurement of all of the benefits realized from a program or initiative, both qualitative and quantitative. We offer courses and workshops on training evaluation and business partnership that equip training professionals to create, demonstrate and measure the business results and value their training yields or supports.

Don's son James (Jim) and daughter-in-law Wendy are pleased to carry on his legacy through Kirkpatrick Partners. Whether you want to earn your Kirkpatrick certification or simply create more value in your organization, we are here to help. Our programs are valuable whether you are a corporate employee, member of government or an independent consultant.

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