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Marta Wilmoth, the recipient of the 2015 ATD Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship, has earned her bronze level certification and is implementing what she learned. 

Here she explains how she identified the missing link in her organization's evaluation strategy, and provides tips that can help you do the same.

Read on to learn about Marta's project and how she is climbing to the "top of the mountain."

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Our affiliate in Australia, GMD Partnerships, just finished hosting a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Canberra, Australia.

This was also the first affiliate program to use our new book Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation. The book currently is only available through our public programs, but it will be released publicly in October 2016. 

Click here to see the photos of the participants. 

Interested in earning your bronze level certification, too? Click here to view a full list of upcoming programs.

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Do stakeholders value your training? 

Do stakeholders believe in your training?

If you answered "no" to either of these questions, you might be interested in a Kirkpatrick® Strategic Evaluation Planning Certificate Program

Formerly called the Kirkpatrick® Business Partnership Certificate Program, it has been renamed to better align with the content so that people can more easily understand what the course will help them to achieve.

In this program, you will learn how to build business partnerships and create collaborative plans to maximize business impact through all phases of the training and performance process. You will study worldwide best practices and share your own experiences in an interactive, conversational environment. You will use your own programs for application activities, so actual work gets completed during the session.

Contact us today to schedule your Kirkpatrick® Strategic Evaluation Planning Certificate Program.

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Between two presentations, a Community Express session and the soft launch of their new book, Jim and Wendy had a fun and productive time at the ATD 2016 conference last month.

Click here to see their photos from the conference.

Are you interested in other events where you can catch up with Jim and Wendy? Click here to see their 
other upcoming appearances

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Jim recently posted a thought-provoking question in our Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group in LinkedIn. Looking into the proverbial crystal ball of the training industry, what does the future look like?

An overwhelming number of responses focused on the application of technology during training programs. This ranges from short videos to complete web-based training. L&D professionals are starting to see a shift in focus towards graphics and gamification over sound instructional design. 

This is good news for L&D technology companies and instructional designers who are technology savvy. However, it is not good news for those who are not. The technology trend can and will eliminate the need for many L&D professionals.

With the increase in technology, Jim reiterates that we do not need to lose our human factor. Technology is a tool to help with certain L&D functions; however, it is not capable of replacing human-based learning modalities and pre- and post-training support. 

So, how do L&D professionals maximize technology and involve themselves with the business side without losing their human touch?

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Join Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick for a brand new, free webinar this summer:

Training Evaluation Demystified: A Practical Approach
to Showing the Value of Your Training

Thursday, June 23
2:00 pm Eastern

During the 60 years that the Kirkpatrick Model has existed, people around the world have done their best to faithfully implement it. Unfortunately, what often occurs is little more that smile sheets, pre-and post-tests, and hope for the best.

It does not need to be that way. In this webcast, you will learn practical techniques to connect training and evaluation to improve on-the-job performance and subsequent business results. You will also come away with a sample evaluation form and tips to better see how well your participants are reacting to your training and learning what they need to do back on the job. You'll learn to:

    • Begin all programs with a focus on having an impact on Kirkpatrick Level 4 results.
    • Create a strong Level 3 on-the-job application plan.
    • Streamline methods for evaluating Levels 1 and 2 to free up resources for a Level 3 plan.
Click here to register.

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Projects and initiatives typically start with lofty ideals. Along the way, however, the focus is often lost.

In this video of Jim Kirkpatrick presenting at PMI Honolulu's Professional Development Day 2015, which has aired on OLELO channel 53 in Hawaii, Jim shares straightforward principles for building a program plan that will yield the desired results. 

Watch Jim's presentation to learn how to structure initiatives so they enhance on-the-job performance and impact the bottom line. You will gain ideas that you will be able to implement immediately to enhance your work and the outcomes it yields.

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Our Kirkpatrick affiliate in France, Formaeva, recently held a Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Paris.

Click here to see photos of participants working on their bronze plans to achieve Kirkpatrick certification.

Interested in earning your bronze level certification, too? Click here for our schedule of upcoming programs.

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Tune In to Our Upcoming Webinars
June 17, 2016

Tune in to our upcoming summer webinars.

On June 23, join Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick for their webinar, "Training Evaluation Demystified: A Practical Approach to Showing the Value of Your Training."

Can't make the June 23 webcast? Jim and Wendy have another webcast on July 14 discussing More Fatal Kirkpatrick® Model Execution Errors - Practical Tips for Identifying and Correcting Them. 

Pre-Order Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation
June 17, 2016

Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick are excited to announce the release of their upcoming book, Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation

Discover a complete blueprint for implementing the model in a way that truly maximizes business results. And delve into Jim and Wendy’s new findings that, together with Don Kirkpatrick’s work, create the New World Kirkpatrick Model, a powerful methodology that melds people with metrics.

The book will be available to the public starting in October. You can pre-order it today for only $24.95.

Download a Free Copy of Our Newest White Paper
July 14, 2015

You may think you "know Kirkpatrick," but do you know all of the enhancements that the New World Kirkpatrick Model offers?

If you want to stay relevant in the training industry, you won't want to miss our newest white paper, An Introduction to the New World Kirkpatrick® Model.

Click here to download your free copy.

Kirkpatrick Partners is a provider of training evaluation and business partnership training, products, consulting and impact studies. Our work is based on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model created by Donald L. Kirkpatrick in 1954 as part of his PhD dissertation on the evaluation of the effectiveness of training for supervisors. It is expanded by the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model and Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles.

Instead of training ROI, we focus on training return on expectations (ROE). This is a more holistic measurement of all of the benefits realized from a program or initiative, both qualitative and quantitative. We offer courses and workshops on training evaluation and business partnership that equip training professionals to create, demonstrate and measure the business results and value their training yields or supports.

Don's son James (Jim) and daughter-in-law Wendy are pleased to carry on his legacy through Kirkpatrick Partners. Whether you want to earn your Kirkpatrick certification or simply create more value in your organization, we are here to help. Our programs are valuable whether you are a corporate employee, member of government or an independent consultant.

The Kirkpatricks are the authors of nine books, including Evaluating Training Programs, Implementing the Four Levels, Transferring Learning to Results, Kirkpatrick Then and Now, Training on Trial, and The Brunei Window Washer: Bringing Business Partnership to Life.
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