Sunday, January 22, 2017
Kirkpatrick® Business Partnership Analysis

Training is unquestionably "on trial." Every type of organization is trying to validate the value that the learning function provides to the whole.  How do you think your learning department stacks up?

The Kirkpatrick® Business Partnership Analysis identifies which of your existing processes build and leverage business value, and which are taking you down an expensive and ineffective path. It also includes a detailed slide deck to communicate the findings and specific actions you can take to increase your value to the bottom line. 

The Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis gives you the credibility of an objective outside expert. The process is completed by the company that literally wrote the book on business partnership and training value. Conduct the analysis before you are put on trial, and build the processes and systems that will secure a positive verdict from your stakeholders.

Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis brochureKirkpatrick® Business Partnership Analysis Brochure

Kirkpatrick® Impact Study Minimize

Business and government stakeholders are demanding evidence that training significantly impacts the bottom line.

Kirkpatrick experience and best practice research will provide the evidence you need in the form of a Kirkpatrick® Practitioner Business Impact Study.

The worldwide experts in training evaluation will take a deep and honest look at one or two of your current training programs. Practical, comprehensive feedback to improve the content and demonstrate the organizational value will be provided in a ready-to-share presentation.

The presentation is in plain language that all professionals can understand and includes improvements that can be applied to not just the programs in the study, but future programs as well.

The impact study will:

    • Showcase bottom-line impact from quantitative and qualitative perspectives
    • Identify factors that led to program success
    • Uncover and address opportunities for improvement
    • Create a compelling chain of evidence showing the value of your program(s)
    • Provide a pilot to develop your own customized, comprehensive evaluation methodology

Kirkpatrick Impact Study brochure
Kirkpatrick® Impact Study Brochure
Kirkpatrick® Consulting Minimize

Sometimes you have a good start, but just want an outside expert to provide best practices and guidance to an already solid plan. Or, you want to get on the fast track to creating and demonstrating the business value of your efforts. The Kirkpatricks are available to consult on your projects and provide the perspective you are seeking.

In addition to training evaluation, we are experienced in change management, corporate university development, curriculum design, and creating business partnership within an organization.

Kirkpatrick Consulting brochure
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