Tuesday, March 28, 2017
No-Nonsense Communication Minimize


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In addition to publishing seminal work in the field of training evaluation, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick also contributed a number of writings on other business-related issues. No-Nonsense Communication is Don's take on the importance of communication and reasons it might break down, the potentially disastrous effects of failed communication and how to improve one's written and oral skills.

The skills you will learn within this book can help you to:

  • Reduce mistakes 
        • Lower absenteeism 
  • Eliminate duplication
        • Reduce turnover 
  • Lower costs
        • Improve morale
  • Improve quality
        • Meet schedules
  • Improve productivity
        • Improve service
  • Reduce accidents 
        • Satisfy customers 
  • Create rapport
        • Increase profits
  • Build teamwork

No-Nonsense Communication by Donald Kirkpatrick

"This book has been especially written for supervisors, managers, executives, and professionals in industry, business, government, and other non-profit organizations. Its objective is simple: to improve the communication effectiveness of these people so that they can be more successful in accomplishing their own goals and the goals of the organization. Emphasis is placed on sending messages that will be clearly understood by receivers. This will result in fewer mistakes, improved morale, and better results for the organization. 

I hope that this book will be rewarding and beneficial in improving your communication effectiveness. I also hope that you will find it an interesting and enjoyable experience."

Don Kirkpatrick
Book Specifications
Authors: Donald L. Kirkpatrick
Pages: 115
Format: Paperback
Publisher: K & M Publishers
Now: $4.95
Copies of this book can be found on Amazon.
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