Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Katarzyna GorhoverKirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
Location: Poland

Katarzyna Gorhover is the founder of Focus on Results (FOR), for which organization she also serves as a partner and consultant.

She graduated from the University of Gdansk with a degree in Economics, and has also earned an Executive MBA from the European University Switzerland.

Katarzyna is an entrepreneur who has introduced to the market and managed companies from various industries, including real estate, commercial, events, media and consulting. For most of her professional life, she has been engaged in the area of Training and Development, as well as Sales. Evaluating training effectiveness currently is her core interest.

As a business consultant, Katarzyna has led projects for the following industries: banks, insurance, new media, real estate, trade, new technologies, shared services and outsourcing.

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