Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator Melanie MartinelliKirkpatrick Certified Facilitator
Location: India, Asia

Melanie Martinelli is a specialist in Learning Solutions and passionate about researching and implementing latest and most relevant trends in the L&D industry. A learning professional at heart and an entrepreneur in her mindset, she just started a new venture along with two like-minded friends and colleagues. The Learning Gym is a platform for learning professionals to exchange ideas, discover new tools and stretch/build/flex their learning muscles.

Being the first Kirkpatrick Certified facilitator in India, she effectively assists individuals and organizations in building memorable learning experiences linked to performance. Melanie firmly believe in creating learning solutions that are guaranteed to deliver results. She is also one of the early adopters of Accelerated Learning, a methodology that has been proven to deliver effective learning, saving time and money in the process. She also believes that learning solutions should be sensitive to organizations' and nations' cultures. In the last 12 years, Melanie has delivered programs on a variety of topics across all employee levels and in multiple countries.

Melanie’s journey with training began with her award-winning thesis, “Managing Cultural Differences - A Key to Successful Offshore Collaboration.” This led her to joining a Bangalore-based offshore product engineering company. After a three-year stint in International Sales and Account Management, she moved to training & development and started her first company building bridges between companies and people around the globe. Melanie is also a frequent lecturer for Cross Cultural Teamwork, Communication and Negotiation in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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