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Kirkpatrick Quick Tip Vol. 2 #8

Kirkpatrick Foundational Principle #1 is, "The end is the beginning." We didn’t invent this idea; it is the cornerstone of many good frameworks, models and theories.

For your leadership initiative (or any program, for that matter) the first step is to think about how it will support the highest level mission or goal of your organization.

Jim was working with a large hospital chain a few years ago that had a multi-year leadership development program called Transformational Mountain. The organization was clear on the fact that some type of change was needed and they had invested millions in training their leadership to that end.

The challenge was that over a year into the initiative they were not really clear about if it was helping them to reach their organizational goal of improving the quality of life of their patients and families. The training group could not articulate how the program specifically could or would contribute to that goal, either.

For your major initiatives, is the connection between the program and your highest level organizational goals crystal clear? If not, consider formally reviewing the programs through that filter. Clarity and agreement on the highest level organization goal and what will best help to accomplish it is the foundation required for any effective initiative.

Once you are clear on your ultimate goal or destination, the next step is to determine what actions on the part of the team will be most effective in getting you there. In next week’s tip, we will discuss the importance of identifying those "critical behaviors."

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