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I believe that technology is rapidly and deliberately on a quest to make genuine human interaction obsolete. What remains of the human element increasingly seems to involve walking avatars rather than thinking, feeling human beings. My frustration is that many are going down without a fight.

We are becoming a scripted society on the way to avatar status. Have you noticed that when you say "thank you" to people, they say "thank you" right back instead of "you're welcome"?

Have you noticed that people text and email instead of picking up the phone to call someone?

Have you noticed that customer call queues are getting increasingly difficult to get out of?

Have you received a phone call recently from 'someone' who begins their greeting with, "Hi, this is Betty from... How are you today?" Betty is not real. She is a sophisticated avatar. The other day, I actually found myself yelling at a Betty, "I will not talk to an avatar!"

The point is that society is moving away from genuine human interaction. This is a threat not only to meaningful quality of life, but also to effective evaluation.

Don't misunderstand me -- I am not anti-technology; I am anti-avatarism. This is about going beyond shallow interpersonal interactions and gently probing for what is beneath the surface. The richness of information is usually not initially forthcoming.

The first tip of this four-part series, then, is to be aware of the ways the human part of your life and spirit is being reduced. Then, make a decision to counter it. Opportunities to generate true understanding that leads to positive change will slip away quickly if you allow yourself to fall into avatar mode when interacting with business colleagues and training participants.

In the three upcoming quick tips, I will talk with you specifically about how to turn an apparent avatar-like conversation into something professionally and personally rich and worthwhile.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 11:45 AM
Hello Jim, I think that avatars are emerging out of necessity, not out of malice. As we become globally connected we simply cannot manage all of our relationships in a personal matter. Our online representations are just that - online. In my local community of work and home I don't need an avatar and my 'real' interactions work great.
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 5:36 PM
Dear Jim, I'm really interested in what we are going to read about further on next tips. My research is related to the first step of the model (reaction) thinking of the evaluation process through different instruments in order to analyze students' answers and perspectives with the support of Linguistic theories. This way I believe we can avoid avatar answers from students as well. ;) Carolina
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