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shutterstock_32047498 2The tips we've shared over the last few weeks go beyond the field of learning and development. They can be implemented in all areas of your life to allow you to deepen your relationships in both personal and professional ways.

Engaging in deep human interactions takes courage to ask the second question, as well as discipline not to hijack the conversation. If you have what it takes, you should quickly begin to reap the benefits. What are these benefits? In terms of training, they include the ability to more easily gain actionable intelligence in your evaluation efforts. The information you will gain by engaging in deep relationships with others has the potential to be far more eye-opening than the information you might gather through a traditional course critique. You will also be showing others that you care, which is invaluable.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 4:29 PM
My most recent effort to ask the second question occurred today when I was in a training session. The session leader said, "this is what we need to know about this from a support standpoint." I asked, "what are the issues that arise to make this knowledge important?" That led to several useful examples. However, when I asked further, "how would I determine which of these was the issue?" the answer became less definitive. I was able to do some additional exploration about troubleshooting, workflows and the frequency of these questions to help assess the importance of this area.
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