Saturday, September 25, 2021

Yes! All of our programs are available live-online. Contact us for details.

To help you get your year started right, we are happy to provide two free Kirkpatrick videos for your use. Here are some of the ways we think they may be helpful to you:

  • During a training team meeting, to open up a conversation about your overall departmental vision and role
  • As part of a train-the-trainer program
  • To educate new training professionals in the basics of training evaluation
Click here to access these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Our video "Why Evaluate Training?" gives you three reasons why you should evaluate your training programs.

The video "How Do I Get Started with Evaluation?" gives you ideas about where and how to start your training evaluation efforts. 

There are also many other videos on our channel that can help you with all your training evaluation needs. Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when we post new videos. 

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