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Entries for January 2014

Level 3 in Action: Update from the Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship Winner

Since earning his Kirkpatrick bronze level certification in November 2013, Jared Allen has initiated aJarednumber of positive changes to the training conducted at his company, Goodwill of Central Arizona.

Jared has embarked upon three distinct initiatives. The first was to completely rewrite the course evaluation used in their New Hire Orientation program, making it student centered with questions that will allow them to better refine the program as necessary. 

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ROI vs. ROE: Which Is Right For You?
At the 2014 ASTD ICE, industry leaders Jim Kirkpatrick and Jack Phillips will square off to discuss the merits of each of their preferred training eva...

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When I developed the four levels in the 1950s, I had no idea that they would turn into my legacy. I Don_Web Use 2014simply needed a way to determine if the programs I had developed for managers and supervisors were successful in helping them perform better on the job. No models available at that time quite fit the bill, so I created something that I thought was useful, implemented it, and wrote my dissertation about it.

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On December 31, I was buzzing around completing all of my year-end tasks, one of which was donatingDonation box 2 some unneeded clothing and household items to Goodwill. When I pulled up to the donation center, a group of smiling, friendly workers walked out to my vehicle and cheerfully loaded my boxes into their cart. As I closed the tailgate, one of them looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you for changing lives.”

Wow, I thought to myself. This organization gets it! They could have said, Thanks for your donation" or "Thanks for your generosity." Instead, they related my fairly mundane behavior of giving away my old stuff for a year-end write off to their ultimate purpose: to make those clothes and household items into the subject for training disabled individuals so that they can have jobs that give them purpose, income and ultimately the means to a productive life.

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Though it happened in 2003, I remember it like it was yesterday. A cold, snowy night in San Francisco, Fork in the roada few days before Christmas. Earlier that day, I had conducted a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification – Bronze Level program in Chinatown and had taken a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner. Having gotten a late start, it wasn’t until around 11 pm that I began heading back and finally found a cable car departure point. 

There was only one more cable car running for the night, and it would arrive soon. There were about eight of us waiting for what felt like an hour. We were all shivering. There was also a homeless man among us. He was heavily bearded, roughly dressed, and appeared to be as cold as the rest of us. I remember his smile and bright eyes. He was singing Christmas carols as he politely walked among us.

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