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Entries for April 2016

Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4 have intimidated training professionals for decades. Some think they have cracked the code with a highly standardized 90-day post-training survey, but this is not adequate and could even be counterproductive. Others think that 360-degree surveys are the key, but this is not a complete solution either. 

The time for being intimidated is over. Getting to Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4 is not as difficult, time-consuming or expensive as many believe. Our first tip to conquer this challenge is to remember that the end is the beginning. 

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We recently finished an online bronze certification program. Our participants for this program provided great commentary, informative feedback, and kept us entertained the entire time. 

Click here to see their Facebook photo album.

It's not too late to register for our next online bronze program. Click here for more information. 

Carsten Bischoff

Je Pil Jeon

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Have you been using the same evaluation form after your training programs for as long as you can remember? Are you still struggling to get an acceptable response rate? Do you wonder what people really think of your training? Are you certain that you are even asking the right questions?

Studies show that over 90% of training programs worldwide are evaluated with a post-program reaction sheet of some sort, but if yours isn't as good as it could be, it might be leaving you hanging, desperate for more or clearer information. Take our fun quiz to find out if it's time to update your reaction sheet. 

Click here to take the quiz and get our recommendations based on your score. 

The correct answers and how to interpret your score will be revealed when you submit your responses. 

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Travel down under with Kirkpatrick Partners

Our Kirkpatrick affiliate in Australia and New Zealand, GMD Partnerships, will host a Kirkpatrick bronze certification program on June 23-24 in Wellington, New Zealand. Join Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators David Dewhurst and Mark Harris for this exciting and informative event.

Receive the early bird discount when you register before May 12.  

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One morning while on vacation, Wendy and I went through the resort's buffet line for breakfast. We got our food, set it down at a table by the pool and then left the table for about four minutes to get our beverages and talk to a fellow guest. 

When we returned, our breakfast was being ravaged by local birds. Eggs, potatoes, bread and fruit were being eaten, tossed about and generally destroyed. Other guests were sitting nearby, but they were unconcerned and not trying to protect our food. 

A metaphor formed before our eyes. Similar to how Wendy and I did not protect our food, many organizations do little or nothing to protect their training investments.

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Jim recently held a training event at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. The three-day program was designed to help instructors take their roles as trainers beyond the classroom.

"The instructors and trainers are coming to learn how to redefine learning and development to more than just being training-event based with classes and curriculum, to a package approach- not only training people but helping to make sure they actually apply what they learned and that what they're teaching contribute to mission accomplishment," Jim commented. 

To read the full article published by The Fort Sill Tribune, click here. 

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While on vacation recently, Wendy and I were having a mid-afternoon snack when this guy sat down with us. He introduced himself as Gary and said he was on the staff of the place where we were staying. Gary was friendly yet considerate of ‘not overstaying his welcome’ as we talked about the food, weather and island activities.

Later that day, he was at the entrance of the dining room greeting guests as they came for dinner (see photo). At the end of the evening, the staff put on a show for the guests. Guess who was in the show dressed up in a goofy outfit and even singing a song? You guessed it, Gary.

You may wonder how one gets such a neat job as this. You may also wonder just what Gary’s job is. Is he their public relations manager? Is he on the entertainment team? Perhaps he is in sales and marketing?

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Do you have a LinkedIn account?

Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick are always happy to connect on LinkedIn with anyone interested in training evaluation.

You'll get updates about upcoming programs and new quick tips, see fun photos from past Kirkpatrick programs and more. For bonus material, follow the Kirkpatrick Partners LinkedIn page.  

Connect with Jim Kirkpatrick

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