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Entries for May 2016

Join Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick for a brand new, free webinar this summer:

Training Evaluation Demystified: A Practical Approach
to Showing the Value of Your Training

Thursday, June 23
2:00 pm Eastern

During the 60 years that the Kirkpatrick Model has existed, people around the world have done their best to faithfully implement it. Unfortunately, what often occurs is little more that smile sheets, pre-and post-tests, and hope for the best.

It does not need to be that way. In this webcast, you will learn practical techniques to connect training and evaluation to improve on-the-job performance and subsequent business results. You will also come away with a sample evaluation form and tips to better see how well your participants are reacting to your training and learning what they need to do back on the job. You'll learn to:

    • Begin all programs with a focus on having an impact on Kirkpatrick Level 4 results.
    • Create a strong Level 3 on-the-job application plan.
    • Streamline methods for evaluating Levels 1 and 2 to free up resources for a Level 3 plan.
Click here to register.

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Projects and initiatives typically start with lofty ideals. Along the way, however, the focus is often lost.

In this video of Jim Kirkpatrick presenting at PMI Honolulu's Professional Development Day 2015, which has aired on OLELO channel 53 in Hawaii, Jim shares straightforward principles for building a program plan that will yield the desired results. 

Watch Jim's presentation to learn how to structure initiatives so they enhance on-the-job performance and impact the bottom line. You will gain ideas that you will be able to implement immediately to enhance your work and the outcomes it yields.

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Our Kirkpatrick affiliate in France, Formaeva, recently held a Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Paris.

Click here to see photos of participants working on their bronze plans to achieve Kirkpatrick certification.

Interested in earning your bronze level certification, too? Click here for our schedule of upcoming programs.

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Last week, we discussed the success factors and recommendations that came out of the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis conducted for the Central Arizona Project.

This final installment of the two-part series will describe the progress that the CAP team has made, highlighting how powerful Don Kirkpatrick's legacy can be. 

The Central Arizona Project team has implemented many of the recommendations that resulted from the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis. These implementations and the subsequent progress include:

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Our Kirkpatrick affiliate company in India, C2C Consulting and Training, recently hosted a public Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in Bangalore.

Click here to see photos of participants working on their bronze plans to achieve Kirkpatrick certification.

Interested in earning your bronze level certification, too? Click here for our schedule of upcoming programs.

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May is Military Appreciation Month. Kirkpatrick Partners would like to thank all of our military men and women and give recognition to the ones we know personally. We are grateful for their service to our country.  

Melissa Scott - Melissa is a Training Coordinator for Kirkpatrick Partners. She handles the event setup and communication for our domestic programs, and embodies the values and traits Kirkpatrick Partners stands for. Melissa was a Lance corporal in the Marines. 

Stacy Cook - Stacy served a tour with the Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations in Iraq. Stationed in Baghdad, she led a mix of government and contractor teams in a full spectrum of organizational development efforts with local businesses designed to revitalize the economy of Iraq.

Chuck Udell - Chuck is a senior partner with the Essential Action Design Group, focusing on improving performance and profitability for clients through improved sales, marketing and leadership development solutions. Part of his client engagement includes developing and implementing Kirkpatrick evaluation plans. Chuck served as a U.S. Air Force officer. 

Billy McLeod, Jr.  - Billy has served as a trainer for the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. As a Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator, he utilizes a wide variety of adult learning principles in facilitating Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Programs.

Don Kirkpatrick - Don was the creator of the Kirkpatrick Model, the most recognized and widely used training evaluation model in the world. The four levels were developed in the writing of his Ph.D. dissertation, Evaluating a Human Relations Training Program for Supervisors. Don was Private first class in the Army during World War II. 

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As a tribute to Don, we are offering specials on select Kirkpatrick products throughout the month of May. These products are classic Kirkpatrick instructional items that every training professional needs in their library.

These products include:

Evaluating Human Relations Programs for Industrial Foremen and Supervisors
Evaluating Human Relations Programs for Industrial Foremen and Supervisors is an unedited reprinting of Dr. Donald L. Kirkpatrick's doctoral dissertation exactly as it was written in 1954. Within it lies the beginning of what is known today as the Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation. Originally $19.95, Don's dissertation is priced at $10 throughout the month of May.

Evaluating Training Programs: The Kirkpatrick Four Levels DVD - Recorded live at the ASTD 2011 International Conference and Expo, Don shares his sage wisdom and plenty of humor. Hear the stories for which Don has become famous, and learn about the four levels along the way. And of course, “The Trainer’s Song” is also included. The video closes with Don’s final call to action for all training professionals, with him flanked by his family members in support of the message. This item is regularly priced at $19.95, but can be yours for $10. 

How to Conduct Productive Meetings - Legendary workplace learning and evaluation expert Donald Kirkpatrick offers solid and timely advice to ensure that a meeting is necessary, the presentation is professional and effective, participants contribute in constructive ways, and the outcome is measurable. There are a few copies left of this instructional book- hurry and get yours today for $15.

No-Nonsense CommunicationNo-Nonsense Communication is Don's take on the importance of communication and reasons it might break down, the potentially disastrous effects of failed communication and how to improve one's written and oral skills. We have six copies left of this book which is no longer in print. Order it today for $5.  

These products and other keepsakes will be at discounted prices through May 31. T
o see other Kirkpatrick keepsakes that are on sale, click here

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In September of 2015, the Centralized Learning and Development (CLD) team of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) welcomed Kirkpatrick Partners to their facility to conduct a Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis. This two-part series will show what the analysis found, the final results and how CAP's CLD team is carrying on Don Kirkpatrick's legacy with their work.

The CAP is Arizona's largest resource for renewable water supplies, designed to bring about 1.5 million acre-feet of water from the Colorado River to Central and Southern Arizona every year. More than 5 million people live in areas where CAP water is delivered.

CAP created the CLD team in 2013, the members of which attended a Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level in August 2015. The team hoped to learn a common language and figure out what L&D efforts were needed to contribute to and demonstrate impact on their organization. More so, they were committed to executing what they learned in order to maximize job performance and results.

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