3 Tips for Avoiding Complacence in Your Training Evaluation Strategy

April 5, 2017

When a facilitator finishes up their program, they usually distribute evaluation forms. Participants complete the forms, place them in a designated location and leave. The facilitator flips through the forms to make sure the comments are positive and then files them in a folder. 

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

Many admit with concern that they think they are not doing the “right” things with the evaluation data they collect. Most people are so busy that it’s easy to see how they simply rely on what has always been done with the data. But sometimes, this can lead to complacence. 

The Kirkpatricks’ cat Attila experiences this type of complacence at times, as well. Here are some practical tips to avoid continuing ineffective training evaluation strategies.

1. Enter the data into an electronic repository to aggregate it so that objective decisions can be made. Make it public when program changes are made as a result of participant feedback. 

2. If the program has multiple days or modules, provide a brief evaluation form at the end of each segment, and share the findings at the beginning of the next session. Explain to the participants how you will respond to their input throughout the rest of the program. 

3. Incorporate high-level findings into program reports. Data related to on-the-job application is good data to highlight. 

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