Look Who’s Turning 65 Today!

April 18, 2018

Look Who’s Turning 65 Today!

By Wendy Kirkpatrick

Happy 65th birthday, Jim Kirkpatrick! While he is far from thinking about retiring, this birthday is still a landmark event.

Jim Kirkpatrick is 65 years old today … how time flies. He has been championing a better way to evaluate training programs for longer than the 10 years I have known him and been working with him in Kirkpatrick Partners. A short list of Jim’s accomplishments:

  • Co-author of 6 books
  • Author of dozens of articles we failed to count over the decades
  • Architect of the New World Kirkpatrick Model
  • Speaker at conferences and events worldwide
  • Frequently quoted (and sometimes sniped) training luminary

So, what’s left on Jim’s bucket list? Professionally, Jim plans to continue to share his gift for connecting. Connecting with people, and connecting others in a productive way. He will continue to provide thought leadership in training evaluation and business partnership. He will continue to teach and travel. Jim says he has a lot of new ideas to share, and we are all anxious to see what they are.

With that said, Jim has numerous hobbies he would like to spend a bit more time pursuing, including fishing, selling baseball cards, petting his cats, playing cribbage with friends, and spending time with his family. A challenge all along has been finding a balance between professional opportunities and having time and energy left for a personal life.

Please do not take it personally if you want some of Jim’s precious time, and the answer is that he is not available for a while. There is just one Jim and there are so many of you who could benefit from his expertise. Our goal at Kirkpatrick Partners is and shall remain to make the best use of Jim’s gifts and the time he has to share them.

Today, I thank Jim for all he has done for the training community. I hope you join me in celebrating the first 65 years of his life, and wishing him many more good years to come.

Wish Jim a Happy Birthday!

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