A Trainer’s Old Kit Bag

March 21, 2012

This week, Sue Vineyard shares her thoughts on what tools are critical for a trainer’s success.

Both a friend of the Kirkpatricks and a retired training professional, Sue is best known for her decades of work in helping not-for-profit organizations to accomplish their missions through a focused, self-sustaining approach.

A Trainer’s Old Kit Bag
By: Sue Vineyard

In my own training of trainers over 25 years, they frequently asked about the tools that would be most critical to their success. I always suspected some folks doing the asking really wanted me to reach into my briefcase and whip out a brochure for a “Never-Fail, Handy-Dandy Foolproof Kit for Trainers… just $19.95 if ordered today!”

In addition, they were often expecting that I’d tell them which of the growing mountain of electronic gizmos, perfect software or magical laser points would guarantee them an easy success. Oops, sorry! There are no such products.

Good trainers understand that there are no gimmicks for our profession.

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