Are You a Training Fossil?

July 25, 2018

What can you, as a training professional, do to protect your organizational role and the future of our industry? You need to approach your job as if you were a civil engineer. Civil engineers design, construct and maintain access to the natural environment with roads, bridges and buildings.

The role of training professionals has changed as technology has advanced. Fifteen years ago, it may have been enough to design or deliver a great training class. If that’s all you do these days, however, you are in danger of being replaced by a smartphone app or other technology that can do the same things quickly and for free, or nearly free.

In a similar way, training professionals need to design and build “roads and bridges” into the job environment before, during and after training, and then monitor them regularly. Instructional designers need to do more than design formal classroom or virtual instruction. Trainers need to do more than deliver it. 

Understand the Business You Support

The first step is to remember and embrace the fact that training exists to equip employees to perform well on the job, so each of them contributes to key organizational outcomes.

Here are easy ways to understand your organization’s highest level goals and mission:

  1. Read the “about us” section of the company website.
  2. Look at mission and vision statements, and what types of messages are posted on the walls of the office.
  3. Ask your boss about the highest priorities or directives for each department this quarter / year.
  4. If appropriate, request to attend strategy and planning meetings, even if just an observer to start. Or, ask your boss for a summary of what was discussed.

Next week,  we’ll delve into building strategic bridges. Read part two of this three-part series here.

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