Are You Reporting the Right Data?

November 16, 2011

Kirkpatrick Quick Tip #39

By Jim Kirkpatrick

I recently spoke with a senior business leader from a major airline.

She said, “Why do training people insist on showing me data from their ‘happy sheets’ and test scores? And why do they expect me to be excited about it?”

I asked, “What would you rather see?”

She said:

  1. Summary data from one or two happy sheet questions
  2. A brief summary of methods they used to confirm learning (she emphasized the word brief)
  3. Data showing frequency and effectiveness of on-the-job coaching, and remediation plan if appropriate
  4. Ongoing report of on-the-job performance after training
  5. Ranked list of all factors contributing to performance improvement
  6. List of continuing customer-facing problem areas
  7. Ongoing reports of short term results (leading indicators)
  8. Final results of her most important business metrics

The business leader went on to say that she would be happy to explain the most important business metrics she references in #8, but no one from training asks her for it.

“Maybe they are scared that their training won’t make any impact on the metrics, so they don’t want to ask about them,” she said.

I suggested that she let her training people know her expectations. She promised she would. I wish I could be there when she does!

Please take this example as a recommendation for your own mission critical programs:

  • Start with one program as a pilot.
  • Ask your key stakeholders to explain their highest goals and most important metrics. Align your program with them.
  • Create a strong Level 3 plan with a mix of required drivers.
  • Monitor Level 3 and leading indicators and make any required adjustments.

Then, prepare to share a story of success with your stakeholders.

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