Are You Still Making Fatal Kirkpatrick Model Execution Errors?

March 30, 2016

On March 23, in cooperation with Training Magazine Network, the Kirkpatricks presented their newest webinar, “Fatal Kirkpatrick® Model Execution Errors – Practical Tips for Identifying and Correcting Them.”

The Kirkpatrick Model is the most-used training evaluation model in the world. This does not, however, mean that it is always implemented correctly. What does misapplication put at risk? The image that training holds in many organizations, the future of your training department and, ultimately, your job.

Listen to this informative webinar with Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, to find out the most common execution errors, what is at risk if you make them and how to avoid them in the first place. Pick up practical tips that any training professional can implement to maximize their program value and demonstrate it to their organizations and stakeholders.

Click here to view the webinar recording on the TMN website.

Click here to download a copy of the PowerPoint slide handout that was provided to webinar participants.

To access the handout of Blended Evaluation form samples mentioned during the webinar, visit the Kirkpatrick Diagrams and Forms module of our Resource Library. To access the Resource Library, you must log in to the site, or register with us if you do not already have a log in. 

Technical Assistance
This webinar was hosted by TMN on their live webinar platform; therefore, we are unable to provide technical assistance. If you have trouble viewing the recording, please consult TMN’s support page by clicking here.

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