Case Example: How FMG Insurance Trainers and Managers Partnered for Success

August 7, 2019

Struggling to get buy-in and support from line managers for program implementation? 

This FMG Insurance case study shares creative ways to engage managers early in the process, and secure their support for on-the-job performance. 

A Bit of Background

Do you struggle with getting the buy-in, support, and commitment of line managers to workplace learning? Have you ever been in the position where the senior executive team wants a business-critical learning initiative to happen, the learning fits the need but there’s a major roadblock when it comes to actually get learners doing things differently?

It comes down to the role of the line manager. In this case study-based presentation, we will discuss creative ways to engage the learner’s manager early in the learning process, obtain their buy-in and help them to support and monitor their learner’s actions back in the workplace. In doing so, learning and development professionals become valued partners in the organization and secure their role in the future workplace.

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