Do You Allow Time for Training Evaluation?

October 24, 2012

Kirkpatrick Quick Tip Vol. 2 #32

Most training professionals are very interested in receiving feedback on their programs.

It’s interesting how many of them defeat their own purpose, however, by not providing adequate time for participants to complete their evaluations.

Here are some practical tips to ensure you receive the best possible quality feedback:

  • Obtain as much feedback as possible during the program. Refer to last week’s quick tip, Is Your Training Survey Too Late?
  • Schedule dedicated time for participants to complete their evaluation forms prior to the very end of the session. For example, make it the second-to-last activity instead of the last thing they do before departing.
  • If appropriate, provide evaluation forms near the beginning of the program, and invite participants to jot comments throughout the session.

Hopefully you have followed this quick tips series and already streamlined the number of questions you ask, and focused them on the information you need most. A well-designed evaluation form that is provided with adequate time to complete it provides a good opportunity for you to receive the feedback you need.

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