Do You Partner with the Business?

January 23, 2013

With training still on trial in the workplace, it has become more important than ever for training professionals to build partnerships with high-level managers.

Ali Dickens quickly recognized the value in doing just that. Ali resides in the UK and works for the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), an awarding organization that designs, delivers and certificates nationally recognized qualifications and awards.

Ali was tasked with delivering a line management training program. Knowing that success depended on a business partnership approach, she approached the CEO to see if he was willing to support and work with her as she implemented a new way of using training to leverage business results through the Kirkpatrick Model. 

While the CEO wanted the best for NCFE, he was skeptical about her novel approach. She tactfully kept after him, implementing the program and achieving convincing results.

Listen as Ali explains how she turned her skeptical CEO into her strongest training advocate.

Click here to listen to the recording (approximately 9 minutes)

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