Don’t Be Seduced by What’s Trendy in Training

June 7, 2017

At the ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition, Wendy and Jim noticed some buzz around new, trendy topics.

However, just because everyone is talking about a hot new method doesn’t mean it’s right for every situation.

For example, a lot of conference hype surrounded micro-learning, which refers to the strategy of delivering content in short bursts to fill very specific gaps in skills and knowledge. However, trainers must remember that a strategy’s true value lies not in how much buzz it receives, but in the outcomes it produces.

Don’t be seduced by micro-learning just because it’s the new buzzword. That leads to too much temptation to apply the strategy in every training situation that arises. Instead, really analyze what types of information in your organization can and should be delivered in small doses over time.

Our recommendation for micro-learning is to incorporate it into a Level 3 required driver package that supports professionals in performing their jobs well. 

You can also capitalize on the popularity of micro-learning by moving it to a higher level with what Jim likes to call a micro performance boost. Consider what you can do in a short burst that will support and enhance performance on the job. This moves micro-learning out of the training and development world into the business world, where the learning can be leveraged into performance.

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