Don’t Let Level 2 Wreck Your Training Efforts

September 9, 2015

Many trainers think that they have been successful at Kirkpatrick Level 2 if their learners have gained knowledge and/or skills, but we urge you not to make this potentially costly assumption.

There are other elements of the New World Level 2 that could wreck the ultimate success of your training program if overlooked. These include learner confidence and commitment to apply what they learned during training when they return to the job.

Our article New World Level 2: The Importance of Learner Confidence and Commitment provides an apt example of an engaged learner succeeding during training but then failing after returning to the job. 

Click here to download a PDF of the article.

If the issues introduced in this article resonate with you and you would like more tips for identifying and resolving lack of learner confidence and commitment, consider attending our webinar on October 1 entitled New World Kirkpatrick® Levels 1 and 2: Powerful Components Not to Overlook.

You will obtain practical tips for steps to take before a training event begins to increase both participant engagement during the session and commitment to perform the newly learned behaviors when they return to work. Techniques for building training participant confidence and commitment during training will also be shared in an interactive forum.

Click here for more information and to register for this free webinar.

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