How Do You Embed Radical Behavioral Changes Within Levels 1-4?

August 27, 2014

Is training within your organization viewed simply as a box that must be ticked on a compliance checklist, or is it regarded as a critical tool for facilitating change and movement toward the organization’s highest level goals?

One member of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group requested advice for embedding radical behavioral changes within Levels 1-4 in an effort to learn new methods that go beyond standard evaluation methodology.

One respondent has suggested breaking the radical change down into continuous small changes that can be measured along the way, which can be less overwhelming for the learners and more satisfying for business stakeholders. Learn how to identify and monitor these types of leading indicators.

Another respondent has encouraged the use of a logic change model to clarify the connections between the change activities and the desired outcomes, while another has recommended using the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model to make sure that leaders are engaged so that they will work with you to determine and encourage the necessary changes and explore the outcomes of the training intervention. 

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