How Do You Strengthen the Future of Your Training Career?

January 30, 2013

his week, Jim shares a personal experience as the foundation for discussing the question, “How do you strengthen the future of your training career?”

“Last year, I delivered a one-hour talk to 100 training professionals at a large technology corporation. My message focused on the need to become one with the business, not isolated from it. Almost to a person, they said, ‘We are seen as vital to our corporation. Look at the new facility they built for us.’

Six months later, I received an email from one of the attendees. She said that 75 of the people I had spoken with that day were no longer employed.

As an internal or external professional, how do you avoid that same fate?”

Now we invite you to chime in on the discussion.

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Read through the advice that others are offering, and feel free to ask questions of experienced training practitioners who have embraced aligning with the business to achieve training success.

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