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August 17, 2016

​I just got off the phone with two curriculum and evaluation leaders from the University of Southern California. One of the topics they were most interested in discussing was the required driver package for their graduating doctoral students.

An insight they quickly came to was, “It seems as if the power towards application and social impact comes in integrating the required drivers into a single formula that should be executed as a package, not as separate components.”

They understand!

Required Drivers Are Not Mutually Exclusive

The four types of required drivers are not mutually exclusive; a weekly team meeting could address all four dimensions:

  • Reinforcing: Having performance reporting on the agenda stresses its importance
  • Encouraging: Supervisors and team members can encourage each other by listening to challenges and assisting in resolving them
  • Rewarding: Employees with good performance can receive recognition and rewards during the meeting
  • Monitoring: If each team member knows that individual and/or team performance will be reviewed during the meeting, then they know it will be uncomfortable if they have not done what was required

Required Drivers Are an Integrated Package

The required driver package is critical to success, yet viewed as the most complicated to execute; therefore, it is time well spent to discuss what will be both practical and feasible within your organization. Designing a package that includes elements that will not be supported or that are out of the comfort zone of those who need to perform them will likely not be effective.

It is not uncommon for people to voice the objection, “Our resources are limited. There is no way we can do this.” To address this valid concern, we have offered the example of our own company, which has only four full-time employees besides Wendy and me. Each employee has a set of critical behaviors that are connected to various leading indicators for the success of the company. 

Our final recommendation is to give this a try. Or if you are doing it already, be more deliberate about developing and executing your required driver package. Be sure to start with one or two mission-critical programs rather than trying to “tsunami” it across your whole organization. 

Feel free to reach out to us with questions or updates about your progress and success. 

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