Is Your Course Evaluation Form “All About You”?

November 9, 2011

Kirkpatrick Quick Tip #38

Most training professionals are very caring and giving people; this is why they go into training.

Reading many evaluation forms, however, one might get the impression that trainers care more about what people think of them than if participants obtained valuable knowledge and skills.

Look at the typical evaluation form, and you will see questions like these:

  • The instructor was knowledgeable.
  • The instructor held my attention.
  • I would recommend this facilitator to others.
  • I would attend another program taught by this facilitator.

Is it really all about the trainer or facilitator? We don’t think so. While a question or two to check facilitator quality is appropriate, there need not be an entire section about the instructor. Additionally, all survey questions should be phrased in learner-centric terms.

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