Jim Kirkpatrick Shares His Veteran’s Day Tribute to Our Military

November 7, 2018

Honoring Our Armed Forces: The Men and Women Who Serve and Protect

One of my favorite U.S. holidays is Veteran’s Day. I can still picture my dad in his later years raising and saluting the stars and stripes at his retirement community.

Note that I did not end the title of this article with the traditional, “…Who Serve …”. From my vantage point, I cannot help but think of what they do (Level 3 – Serve), and the purpose of their service (Level 4 – Protect). I appreciate the service they provide, but more so I am deeply grateful that they protect people like me and my loved ones in the US and around the world.

We at Kirkpatrick Partners have had wonderful experiences working with all branches of our military. We are contributing whatever we can to keep our military strong in order to protect, promote peace, and defeat evil when necessary.

Here are some successes that have come from different military units applying the New World Kirkpatrick Model.

  • Reducing US Army casualties in Afghanistan due to IEDs
  • Increasing reenlistment occurrences in the Army and National Guard
  • Improving cyber defense capabilities
  • Making advancements in Navy shipyard efficiencies
  • Strengthening US Air Force career advancement opportunities
  • Increasing US Air Force pilot safety outcomes
  • Improving leadership effectiveness in the Navy, Army and Air Force

On a related note, official U.S. Army doctrine has been rewritten to authorize senior commanders to decrease the amount of effort spent on non-mission critical training programs, to allow more resources to focus on mission-critical ones.

We salute the efforts of military and civilian professionals that are making the difference, and contributing to the mission of the Department of Defense, “To provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.”

We join many other grateful people on this day to thank all of those who have served or are serving, to humbly respect those who died keeping us free, and to thank their families for their support.

Click here to read about Kirkpatrick BrightLights in our military.  To enjoy a previous Kirkpatrick salute to the military, click here. Read Jim’s 2017 Veteran’s Day tribute post here.

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