Level 3 in Action: Update from the Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship Winner

January 29, 2014

Since earning his Kirkpatrick bronze level certification in November 2013, Jared Allen has initiated a number of positive changes to the training conducted at his organization, Goodwill of Central Arizona.Jared has embarked upon three distinct initiatives. The first was to completely rewrite the course evaluation used in their New Hire Orientation program, making it student centered with questions that will allow them to better refine the program as necessary.

Take a look at Jared’s evaluation forms. This document shows the old form on the first two pages and the new, modified form on the last two pages. In addition to the more aesthetically pleasing format, note the elimination of items such as “The course content was logically organized” to make room for the addition of learner-centered items such as “Attending this course was worth my time” and “I believe what I learned today is important to my success.” Click here to learn how to modify your evaluation form to make it learner centered instead of trainer centered. 

Jared’s second initiative is to employ the Kirkpatrick Model to determine leading indicators of business results and to develop follow-up techniques regarding learning application. One of their business units has a growing training function that services the needs of external job seekers. The current training prepares candidates for jobs through the development of basic computer skills. There is a need to follow up with measures that tie the skill to the business need and to know if it helped to facilitate their hiring.

This is challenging on many levels. The business needs to build measurable outcomes that prove that participants’ results align with the hiring needs of businesses. Although this is complicated, it is a critical step in growing the relevance and brand of job seekers from the Goodwill career centers. Read more about how to identify and monitor leading indicators.

Finally, Jared is working with his organization’s leadership development program to develop measures and tools that reinforce best practices and establish accountability for program participants. Higher-level executives are requesting a way to measure the effectiveness of a leader based on the skills they were taught during the program, and they are looking for alignment with the behavioral competencies defined by the organization’s leadership model.

Jared and his team expect to address this issue with practical demonstrations of learning, eLearning follow-up and reinforcement in the field with the help of HR generalists as coaches. The total program will address specific requirements for “manager certification” that will be tied to essential operational results as defined by strategy. Click here to learn more about how to incorporate the demonstration of training value into the program development process.

Stay tuned throughout the year for quarterly updates on Jared’s progress.

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