Meaningful Training Analytics: 1+2 ≠ 4

July 24, 2019

Many training plans, even those for award-winning programs, are missing one critical element that will both ensure their success and demonstrate value to stakeholders: Level 3 data connecting on-the-job performance to program results.

This common omission has cast doubt on the value of training and is a key factor in the cyclical nature of training budgets. Creating and implementing a plan with the all-important Level 3 is not as difficult as some assume. 

Alisa beamed as she presented the final report for the year-long leadership development initiative she spearheaded at her organization. She recapped the thoughtfully designed, blended training curriculum and its related test scores and comments. She highlighted positive results in key company metrics, including employee retention, customer satisfaction, product sales volume and promotions of the program’s participants. 

She eagerly awaited the management team’s reaction. After some pleasant nodding, someone asked, “Alisa, please explain how training specifically influences the organizational results you have presented, such as customer satisfaction. I would think there are multiple contributors to that outcome.”

Alisa began to sweat; she didn’t really have any supporting data.

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