Our Favorite Resources for Building Business Partnership

December 18, 2013

Many training professionals struggle to gain support for training initiatives from key business leaders and stakeholders. 

They often find themselves tasked with providing a new training program to fix a problem that has not yet been considered thoroughly. After issuing their orders, these business leaders disappear until it is time to see if the training “worked.” 

Use this collection of our favorite resources for building business partnership to put an end to this cycle and generate training with true business value.

To maximize bottom-line results, it is critical for trainers to resist the temptation to work alone. And while it’s fantastic when business leaders invite trainers to their table to discuss training initiatives and the expected outcomes, this is not the culture in many organizations. Therefore, rather than waiting around for the invitation, you must learn how to get key stakeholders to your table.

Once you have them there, don’t confuse them with training jargon; instead, learn to speak the language of the business for more productive conversations. The Training Value Questionnaire can help. 

Initiating this dialogue serves as the first step in building the bridge from training to the business. It will then become easier to get business leaders to “sign on” to the training initiative and engage much more actively than if they were simply “signing off” to give you consent to conduct a program. 

After a training initiative, you can maintain the interest of your key stakeholders by giving them the data they want and streamlining the evidence you provide to eliminate confusion. Read these examples from a senior business leader of the kinds of data that are useful, and listen to this powerful, real-life outcome that Jim experienced when he presented data that motivated his top leader to get involved

For more real-life examples of successful business partnership, listen to these interviews with Mikael Borak and Ali Dickens

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