Real-World Reinforcement Techniques to Start Using Today

July 20, 2016

The first quick tip in this series described the importance of monitoring critical on-the-job behaviors of training graduates to make sure they are occurring and being done correctly.

Monitoring is often seen as something akin to “big brother watching over us” or “micromanaging.” Well, that is no reason not to do it. It must be done or Level 4 Results will be in serious jeopardy. Thankfully, however, the Kirkpatrick Model also includes three other types of required drivers.

The first group of required drivers in the support category consists of methods of reinforcement. These are items that remind training graduates of what they are supposed to do, and provide additional training and guidance, if needed. 

Many of these reinforcement methods can be designed and built in advance of training, such as job aids, reminders, refreshers and on-the-job modules. Reinforcing is a category in which training likely performs the key role. 

In the reinforcing category, technology can actually be a plus and feel more personal than one would expect. For example, after our own programs, we have a series of follow-up messages that can be scheduled to launch automatically via email once per week. In these messages, we reference what graduates might want to consider at that time, give them links to more information and invite them to contact us with questions or comments. Often, participants view these as personal messages from us and take them as opportunities to reconnect with us. 

Let’s have a look at what we do at Kirkpatrick Partners to reinforce the application of critical behaviors.

The first picture is of Wendy leading our Newnan, Georgia staff in a professional development mini-workshop. The topic, providing and receiving performance feedback, was selected as it was deemed important for all of us to be reminded that this is an important element in maximizing good job performance

The second picture was taken during one of our daily 30-60 minute team meetings. Here, Ashley is reviewing a new Kirkpatrick affiliate program that she took the lead in setting up. How does this fall under reinforcing? Because research and field experience clearly show that employees talking through important components of their jobs helps to minimize the learning and performance curve.

Please check in next week when we talk about the second supportive required driver, encouraging. 

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