Save $300 on Kirkpatrick Certification

Save 300 on Kirkpatrick certification - bronze, silver and strategic evaluation planning badges
September 16, 2022

Time is running out to save $300 on Kirkpatrick certification programs. Reserve your spot in one of the last few programs of the year and save big!

Hurry: savings for November programs expires on Monday, September 26.

Program and Savings Information

November bronze certification

November silver certification

December bronze certification

Why Get Kirkpatrick Certified?

In Kirkpatrick bronze level certification you will create a full four levels program evaluation plan in a group for a real initiative. This means actual work gets completed as part of the program. Common topics include leadership development, technology upgrade implementation, onboarding, change management, safety, and security.

Program participants come from corporate, government, military, and humanitarian sectors. Contractors, consultants, and vendors that provide training and evaluation-related products and services also select this certification so they can show the value of what they do for their clients.

Increasingly, Kirkpatrick certification is becoming a credential specifically requested in job listings.

Don’t miss your chance to obtain one of the most sought-after industry credentials at a savings of $300 off!

Not Ready to Get Certified Yet?

No problem. You can get the basics by visiting our free Resources Library. Or, pick up a copy of our latest book, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation.

Not Sure if Certification is Right for You?

Contact us to discuss your situation and get our recommendation.

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