Secrets for Getting to Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4

June 29, 2016

One of the most common questions we hear at Kirkpatrick Partners is, “How do I get to Levels 3 and 4?” We are glad people are asking this crucial question because training really has no value unless it’s applied on the job and subsequently contributes to organizational results. 

The good news is that “getting to Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4” is not as mysterious or difficult as it has been made to seem. In fact, over a dozen industry professionals have shared their experience and expertise in a discussion within the Kirkpatrick Evaluation discussion group in LinkedIn. 

Click here to see what they said. If you’re not a member of the group, you will be prompted to join and will be able to begin participating immediately.

We also recommend that you brush up on the Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles.

How are you getting to Levels 3 and 4? Please share your experiences in the LinkedIn discussion, or as a comment below. 

Can we help you get to Levels 3 and 4? Contact us to discuss what might work for you. 

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