Skipping This Step Will Derail Your Programs

November 14, 2018

Listen to the final installment of Wendy Kirkpatrick’s in-studio radio interview with Stone Payton and Lee Kantor of Business RadioX. Wendy warns against shortcuts that put your initiatives at risk.

In the previous segment, Wendy shared how to handle the vague training request.

Click here to listen to their engaging discussion and Wendy’s words of wisdom(11-minute MP3 file that can be downloaded to and played on most mobile phones and audio devices.)

Click here to read interview transcript. (Downloads a 6-page PDF best viewed on a PC versus a mobile device.)

Would you like to learn more about the four levels Wendy discussed on air? Click here for details on the Kirkpatrick Model. If you would like to find out about becoming a Kirkpatrick certified professional, visit this page for details on bronze certification. Have you read the latest Kirkpatrick book? Click here to read more about the popular title, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation.

Have skipping steps or taking shortcuts cost you program success? How has implementing the four levels helped ensure initiative effectiveness? Share your story. Here are some ways to join the conversation:

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