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December 20, 2017

Be informed and inspired by this compelling collection of published Kirkpatrick magazine articles.

Get training evaluation insight directly from Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick.

Revisit your favorite, or choose a new favorite. L&D practitioners and training professionals everywhere will find these to be a valuable resource. 

Creating ROE: The End is the Beginning (TD Magazine): An effective way to show the value of a training initiative is through return on expectations (ROE). When done properly, it cannot fail.

Evaluation Blunders and Missteps to Avoid (TD Magazine): Effectively demonstrate the value of your training by steering clear of these evaluation mistakes.

ROE’s Rising Star (T+D Magazine): Kirkpatrick Partners stresses the value of ROE over the traditionally measured Return on Investment (ROI) because ROE is designed and executed in partnership with the people who will determine learning’s value.

The Feds Lead the Way in Making Training Evaluations More Effective (TD Magazine): U.S. government agencies are taking heed of the recommendations outlined in the 2009 ASTD report, The Value of Evaluation.

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