The Latest Way to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Training Programs

July 6, 2016

Blended Evaluation™ is the latest way to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs. Are you using it?

Blended evaluation is a methodology in which data are collected from multiple sources using multiple methods, in a blended fashion that considers all four Kirkpatrick levels, for the purpose of monitoring, reporting and adjusting findings to maximize program performance and subsequent organizational results.

Blended evaluation is purposeful; it is based on information required to make good training decisions (usefulness) and provide the data required by stakeholders to fund it (credibility). Blended evaluation is then deliberate in that it is based on purpose. This methodology is primarily for, but not exclusive to, training.

You can plan for blended, multi-purpose evaluation to occur during program execution. Begin with the question, “What evaluation needs exist?” Maybe you want to improve training programs and post-training performance support, enhance learning and performance, or demonstrate the value of the program to stakeholders. Consider these and other possibilities, and then be deliberate in choosing how to collect, analyze, use and report relevant quantitative and qualitative data. Be sure that you’re not using up all of your training evaluation resources on Levels 1 and 2.

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