Time for a Level 3 Temperature Check

January 17, 2018

L&D manager Cyndee Gorkowski was the winner of the 2016 ATD Valley of the Sun Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship. She was awarded complimentary attendance in a Kirkpatrick bronze level program.

Throughout 2017, Cyndee shared updates after implementing the Kirkpatrick methodology as part of a large training initiative for 4,000 company employees.

Her third update follows. It covers how to take corrective measures when Level 3 progress appears stalled.

My last update in September mentioned the details of training over 4,000 employees on a new software program. A system enhancement is scheduled, and we would like to simultaneously address any changes needed for the training.

Back on the Job

Time for a temperature check; monitor and adjust. We reached out to management and those working “in the weeds” to see what we can do better. How well are people applying what they learned now that they have been back on the job for a few months? We ran some data point analysis and sent out the post-implementation surveys. There were a couple issues that were a concern.

  1. Missing a task – Even though the Web-based Training and Job Aid directed employees on how to perform this task, only 7% were using this functionality. If this is not corrected, the result could be somewhat detrimental.
  2. A sense of being overwhelmed – Managers stated some of the employees are feeling overwhelmed, mainly when they need an immediate answer to satisfy a customer’s request.  Implementing a new software program requires on-the-job behavior to change, and it can feel overwhelming.   

We met with the Advisory Group to discuss the survey results and any additional concerns that needed correcting. A decision was made to address the first issue through communication. In addition, we will review the existing web-based training for this task to see if there is an opportunity for better clarity. Fortunately, one of the system enhancements removed a step, making it quicker to access information pertaining to this task.

When reviewing the second issue, it was determined that some employees were not accessing the system frequently enough to become comfortable with navigation. This was addressed by creating a new webpage that contained:

  • Hyperlinks to job aids for common functions in the system
  • Information on who to call for immediate support
  • A high-level overview of what the system is designed to accomplish

Communication was disseminated, and the masses were informed of what changes should be expected.

Level 4

When I attended the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program – Bronze Level over a year ago, Jim Kirkpatrick spoke of how important it was to make sure the Required Drivers were happening. He further mentioned the possibility of needing to adjust training along the way for both pre-implementation and post-implementation. We started this program with the business need in mind and circled back around to make sure the business need was still being met. Information was gathered, and changes have been made. We augmented existing job aids and added a new website. We are also creating new job aids as we update training to align with the new system enhancements.

The techniques I learned during the Kirkpatrick Certification Program continue to be a valuable resource that I use in my everyday work. I would recommend this course to anyone who is tasked with creating a training program. It is a firm model that gives clear direction and guidance on how to achieve a successful outcome.

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