Top 5 Kirkpatrick Tips for Strengthening Your Training

December 30, 2015

Throughout our quick tips this year, we’ve provided numerous ideas for improving the quality of your training. 

Read on to find out the top 5 things you can do to be a more successful trainer.
5. Two Techniques You Need to Learn Before Your Next Program
Get your program off to a strong start, and finish even stronger.

4. Do More with Less
Have you been charged with creating more value, but without any additional budget? Learn how to answer this call successfully. 

3. Heard of Blended Learning? What About Blended Evaluation?
The deficiencies of traditional evaluation have created the need for a blended evaluation approach. Click through to learn how to start applying this methodology.

2. Have You Downloaded Your Copy of the Newest Kirkpatrick White Paper?
You may think you “know Kirkpatrick,” but do you know all of the enhancements that the New World Kirkpatrick Model offers? If you want to stay relevant in the training industry, you won’t want to miss our newest white paper.

1. Using Infographics to Show the Value of Your Training
Learn how infographics can help you answer a critical, frequently asked question, and take a look at a sample infographic.

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