Top 5 Things You Must Stop Doing to Achieve Training Success

December 22, 2015

Throughout our quick tips this year, we’ve warned our readers about some behaviors and activities that trainers must cease engaging in if they want to achieve training effectiveness. 

Read on to find out the top 5 things you need to stop doing in 2016 if you want to become and remain a valued member of the business team.

5. Don’t Mistake Training Effort for Impact

Are your training efforts merely activity? Click through to find out how to make sure you’re contributing to true business / mission value.

4. Stop Indulging in This Harmful Post-Training Practice
Trainers often indulge in one particularly harmful practice immediately after a training program. Find out what it is and what you should be doing instead.

3. Do You Still Rely on 90-Day Surveys to Evaluate Level 3?
Stop relying on traditional methods of evaluating Level 3, which fall far short of the true package you will need to evaluate this level effectively.Find out how to most effectively evaluate the behavior of training participants.

2. The Dangerous Training Phrase You Should Stop Using Now
One common but dangerous training phrase is keeping many trainers from accomplishing real business results. Find out what it is.

1. Don’t Become a Training Dinosaur
Do you cling to the way things used to be? Learn how to move forward and carve out new paths in your learning and development role.

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