Top 5 Training Evaluation Quick Tips of 2017

December 6, 2017

We’re counting down the top five most popular newsletter features of 2017. Maybe you recognize one of these as your favorite, or perhaps these are new to you. Either way, these are sure to resonate with training professionals.

The following Quick Tips garnered the most interest this year. The countdown of the top five Kirkpatrick Quick Tips of 2017 begins here.

5. How Do You Seamlessly Train Over 4,000 Employees?
Cyndee Gorkowski, winner of the 2016 ATD Valley of the Sun Don Kirkpatrick Scholarship, shares how Kirkpatrick helped her large-scale training initiative.

4.  Kirkpatrick Training Videos Available for Your Use
Many people are visual learners. It’s no surprise that this feature makes the top five. It includes popular Kirkpatrick videos such as, “How do I get started with evaluation?” and “Why evaluate training?”

3.  5 Training Evaluation Mistakes That Could Threaten Your Job
Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick share five common training evaluation pitfalls you’ll want to avoid to safeguard your initiatives and your job.

Join us next week when we reveal the top 2 quick tips!

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