Training Evaluation Doesn’t Have to Be as Formal as You Think

December 11, 2019

Does training evaluation strike fear into your heart, creating anxiety because you feel uncertain about what to do or if what you’re doing is correct?

It shouldn’t be that stressful. Listen to this recorded webinar to gain tactical ideas for:

  • How to get started with training evaluation
  • Techniques to assess the effectiveness of your evaluation practices

Click here to hear the recording

This article provides tips and tricks as well.

If you’re thinking, “Oh, sure. No REAL training professionals can do these things,” here is how Brendan Noonan of Emirates Airlines implemented meaningful training and showed the value to executives.

You can also see if your training and evaluation are on par with what is happening at NASA.

If you work in government, good training evaluation discipline has been in place for years.

Our latest book, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation, includes case examples from five organizations.

Looking for even more? Click here to access a guide to more Kirkpatrick case examples.

If you want to create your own success story, get Kirkpatrick certified. Here are details on upcoming programs.

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