What Don Kirkpatrick Wanted You to Do – Part 1

May 16, 2015

It has been a year since my dad left us, at least physically. Whenever I am talking with a group of people about the four levels, I sense he might be hanging around watching and listening.

I often think about what he wanted me to know, as well as what he wanted me to do. He was not a complex man, so it was relatively easy for me to determine what he wanted by just being with him. 

I am going to take the next three weeks to pass along to you what I think, actually, what I know, he would want you to do in regards to the four levels.

Read on to find out the first thing that Don would want you to do.

Though he never said much about it, I know he wants all of us to be individuals. He showed that to those of you who talked to him or attended one of his workshops. Don had a knack for always inserting his unique personality into everything he did. When serving as the national president for ASTD, he led an entire conference of 10,000 attendees in singing a training song starring the Green Bay Packers football team. He once asked John F. Kennedy if he was familiar with the four levels (he said he wasn’t).

Do not be an avatar blindly following the words and actions of others. Don wants us to be individuals in a bold, creative yet respectful way, both in and out of the workplace. Look for opportunities, moments of truth, when you find yourself in that occasional situation in which you can make a difference by speaking up for training and evaluation truth.  

I started out with a light yet important point here. Please tune in over the next two weeks, when Don’s expectations get a little deeper and more challenging. Also, be sure to attend one of my two ATD 2015 ICE sessions entitled “What Don Kirkpatrick Wanted Every Learning Professional to Know.”

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