Why Get Kirkpatrick Certified?

August 28, 2013

A note from Jim about the value of Kirkpatrick certification


I overhear conversations in the office with callers asking about Kirkpatrick certification. I thought I would take a few minutes to explain, from my own point of view, the benefit and value of getting Kirkpatrick certified.

I always look forward to conducting Kirkpatrick certification programs myself, or training our facilitators around the world. The bronze level program is the spearhead for our mission, which is to assist other organizations in creating and demonstrating bottom-line or mission-focused value through training and other initiatives. We take this mission very seriously. I am proud to further my dad’s legacy primarily because I believe that the successful implementation of the Kirkpatrick Model makes the working world a better place.

The Kirkpatrick Model is committed to offering something better to the millions of employees who are sent to training and then return to work to fend for themselves, with no support or accountability for what they are supposed to be doing. The Kirkpatrick Model, when implemented properly, provides a complete learning and performance package that helps to positively transform both organizations and individuals.

There is an exciting movement growing in the learning and performance industry, and I believe the nearly 3000 professionals who hold bronze level Kirkpatrick certification are at the forefront of it. Consider joining them to learn the complete and correct Kirkpatrick Model and how to create true and lasting change in your organization. We, and a community of certified professionals, stand ready to welcome you to the group.

Click here for complete information about Kirkpatrick certification.


Jim Kirkpatrick

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