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Education and Professional Experience                                                                              

Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick

1948 BBA - University of Wisconsin, Madison
1949 MA - University of Wisconsin, Madison
1954 Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin, Madison
1949-1960 Professor: University of Wisconsin Management Institute, Madison
1954 Dissertation: Evaluating Human Relations Programs for Industrial Foremen and Supervisors
1960-1962 Training Manager: International Mineral and Chemical Corporation
1962-1964 Personnel Manager: Bendix Products Aerospace Division
1964-1986 Professor: University of Wisconsin Management Institute, Milwaukee

Awards and Honors

Dr. Don Kirkpatrick receiving an award for his work in training evaluation

President ASTD
1982 Gordon M. Bliss Award, ASTD
1997 Elected to Training Magazine's Hall of Fame
2003 ASTD Award for Lifetime Achievement in Workplace Learning and Performance
2006 Asia HRD Congress special award for Lifetime Achievement
2006 ASTD Award: One of four "Legends" in Training and Development
2011 Thought Leadership Award, ISA (Associated Learning Professionals)


Evaluating Training Programs, by Donald Kirkpatrick and James Kirkpatrick

1959 Articles on Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results published in Journal of the American Society of Training Directors, ASTD
Contributor to Training and Development Handbook: L. Craig
1978 No Nonsense Communication, 1st edition

How to Manage Change Effectively
- Best Book of the Year-ASPA (SHRM)


How to Improve Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching
- Best Book of the Year-ASPA (SHRM)


Evaluating Training Programs, 1st edition


Another Look at Evaluating Training Programs


Developing Supervisors and Team Leaders


Managing Change Effectively


Transferring Learning to Behavior


How to Conduct Productive Meetings


Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching


Implementing the Four Levels


Contributor to Handbook for Workplace Learning Professionals

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