Saturday, October 16, 2021
The New World Kirkpatrick Model Minimize

The original four levels of training evaluation have been clarified with the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Below is an outline of the updated Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation with the original definitions and new explanations.

The New World Kirkpatrick Model

Level 1: Reaction

The degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to their jobs

Customer Satisfaction

The original definition measured only participant satisfaction with the training.

New World Additions:


The degree to which participants are actively involved in and contributing to the learning experience


The degree to which training participants will have the opportunity to use or apply what they learned in training on the job

Level 2: Learning

The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment based on their participation in the training

Knowledge         “I know it.”

Skill                   “I can do it right now.”

Attitude              “I believe this will be worthwhile to do on the job.”

New World Additions:

Confidence         “I think I can do it on the job.”

Commitment      “I intend to do it on the job.”

Level 3: Behavior

The degree to which participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job

                New World Addition:

                Required Drivers

                Processes and systems that reinforce, encourage and reward performance
    of critical behaviors on the job

Level 4: Results

The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support and accountability package

                New World Addition:

                Leading Indicators

                Short-term observations and measurements suggesting that critical
    behaviors are on track to create a positive impact on desired results


Implement this model with a consideration of the Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles for maximum impact.

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